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Leslie Santa Maria, Wine Cellar Manager
I really enjoy sharing the diversity and love of wine with our world-class customers. Now that I am back working on the sales floor, I am able to interact with customers from all over the world –  I love it!  ~~Wine is bottled poetry~~



Kathy Cox, Wine Expert
As a poor college grad I shopped in the “3 for $7” bin at Specs for a couple of years then became more particular, starting with Italian reds, and some French Cotes Du Rhones but I’ve always had a bottle of Champagne in the fridge – love it! Moved to California in the 80’s and went straight to Paso Robles Zinfandel’s which are one of my favorites today.



Dennis Reinig, Wine Expert
My name is Dennis and I have worked for Macadoodles wine room in Pineville MO. for 3 ½ years. My first experience with wine took place 40 years ago when I went to a wine tasting event in Texas. From that time on I have maintained a growing interest in learning about and enjoying wine. When traveling around the country for business or pleasure I always check to see if there are any local winery’s I could stop and try the local fare. One of the great things about wine is the huge variety that is out there to explore. Don’t get hooked on one style or varietal; explore, experience, enjoy the many wine options that out there. One if the great things about working in Macadoodles® wine room is the wealth of knowledge. We have folks who are passionate about wine and continue to learn from each other as we grow. Our monthly Wine 101 classes are a great way to learn as we bring in outside experts to educate about wine. Ask about it next time you are in our wine room.

RitaRita Clemans, Wine Expert
For fifteen years I was an International Flight Attendant and learned to love red wine while on time off in Italy.  Having spent most of my life in California, our favorite family destination was visiting wineries.  I love to work with the public having worked in retail most of my life in grocery, cosmetics, clothing, furniture and now…wine. I am blessed to work in the ever-expanding, fast paced wine department at Macadoodles®!



Douglas Jennison, Wine Expert

My breakthrough year for wine was 1973. I was privileged to taste that year a grand cru Burgundy, grand cru Barsac and an Auslese from the Rheingau. Since that pivotal year, I have studied and tasted a variety of wines produced globally. It is my great pleasure to share these experiences with others.


Kaci Churchhill

 Kaci Churchhill, Wine Expert
Hello! I first entered the wonderful world of wine during college while working a tasting event in Fayetteville. I was astounded by the endless amount of varieties and styles, there is truly no limit to wine-making! Working in the Macadoodles cellar has greatly improved my understanding of wine, and I love having the opportunity to share that with our customers. There is always something new to discover here, come see for yourself!


Dustin Dustin Beeson, Wine Expert (photo coming soon)
I have a great love of wine and will help you pair the best wine with your food, event, and important and memorable evenings. I am a deep thinker and passionate wine and food enthusiast. I love to explore new ways to enlighten the taste buds, and what better than to enjoy a bountiful world of different grapes fermented to perfection matched with a perfect elegant meal.



Candace #1Candace Bowlin, Wine Expert (photo coming soon)
Working at Keels Creek Winery first acquainted me with the wine making process, wine tasting and all the variety of grapes grown locally in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. That was just the beginning of an enlightening journey of what it takes to have passion for wine and all the magic it can bring to late night conversations with friends or family. Before that, there were many nights sipping on wine over a creative painting process in downtown Eureka Springs, where late night shenanigans amongst misfit/artists would turn out beautiful works of art. Working at Macadoodles has opened up a whole wide range of Old World wines and New World wines to me. Every day is exciting, as I always learn something new about wine, whether it’s from a customer or co-worker.