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Macadoodles wine staff has a diverse palate – read on to see what sounds good to you!


Dennis' Summer Picks


Abstract: Abstract by Orin Swift is a blend of Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino Grenache, Petite Sirah, and Syrah primarily from hillside vineyards. Inky blue-purple in complexion, the wine bursts with a perfume of dark fruit, sage, acacia flowers, kirsch, and a hint of California chaparral. Voluptuous in texture, the wine is remarkably fresh on the palate with ripe blackberry, mulberry, roasted plum, black tea, and bitter chocolate. A sweet and soft tannin profile rounds out the finish, which lingers elegantly. Aged 10 months in new and seasoned French oak.

1000 Stories Zinfandel: This is a blended wine 85% Zinfandel, 13% Petite Sirah, 2% Syrah. Each individual lot started the aging process in traditional American and French wine barrels. The next step was the introduction of the wine to bourbon barrels. Part of the blend was aged in new bourbon barrels from the Independent Stave Company. This process is similar to aging in wine barrels, but with a flavor profile unique to the charred bourbon barrels – vanilla, dried herbs and a hint of caramel. The final step of the process was the most grand: the blend completed its barrel aging in old bourbon barrels from famed distilleries such as Heaven Hill and Four Roses. Some of these barrels were 13 year old, single-use barrels, used to make the highest quality bourbon. Deep purple in the glass, expressive nose, palate was big and full bordering on juicy with notes of plum, dark cherry and wood, the bourbon barrel effect was subtle but noticeable and provided an interesting surprise on the finish.

Deloach Russian River Pinot Noir: A prime example of the quintessential Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. The wine opens with ripe, red fruit aromas that lead seamlessly into striking flavors of raspberry, cherry, red currant and just a hint of sautéed wild mushrooms. With balanced acidity and a silky texture, this is a wine that is immediately enjoyable but sure to provide the palate pleasure for years to come.

Villa Maria Unoaked Chardonnay: This wine from New Zealand,  is fruit-driven in style, exhibiting ripe peach and pear aromas with underlying hints of citrus blossom. On the palate the upfront fruit flavors are followed by a creamy texture with integrated oak characters. A richly structured wine that is soft and styled for enjoyment now.

Willamette Valley Riesling: This semi-sweet wine opens with striking citrus aromatics of lemon and lime that flow into notes of green apple and pear. The citrus remains on the palate and is accented by tropical pineapple and honey. The mouthfeel is lean and racy with bright acidity that activates all sides of the tongue. The finish is wonderfully persistent with sweet to sour movement and exceptional crispness. This wine is a lovely example of varietal character.

Domaine Hippolyte Reverdy Sancerre: This Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley of France is pale yellow with primary aromas of lime, apple and white flowers. Crisp and clean, with taut citrus flavors lifted by a note of white pepper. This refreshingly honest textbook Sancerre offers excellent drinkability.

Kathy's Summer Picks


Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc: “I’m going after a subtle wine that is more minerality-driven than fruit-driven. In my view, with Sauvignon Blanc, less is more.” I could not have summarized it any cleaner than Jenny Wagner, winemaker. The wine is crisp with a creamy texture and a mouthwatering finish of lime. The nose is like early morning after a rain.

This wine pairs well with friends, the lake, smoked fish & good times. Try a bottle and let us hear what you think! If you were paying attention, the winemakers last name is the same as Berans winemaker – Wagner. Jenny Wagner is the daughter of Caymus’ great Chuck Wagner.

Querry Pear, Apple, & Quice Cider: Querry is a wine cider made from hard pear, apple and quince. Great ciders are from Spain because they grow apples with less sugar and more acidity specifically for cider, but not California so Randell Graham’s cider includes pear and quince along with the apples. Try a bottle for a mid-meal palate cleanser or as a treat with salty sancks during the football games ahead. We could be on the verge of a National Cider Revival!

Saint Anac Molleux Bordeaux: What can I say? Amazing value, tremendous with spicy foods, interesting by itself. Color is pale yellow with gold highlights. Aroma is a lovely balance of sweet pear, melon and honey. Taste – this wine is fresh and harmonious. It touches your tastebuds with ripe apple, plum, and subtle but distinct hazelnut. Enjoy a glass with appetizers like my stuffed jalapenos (ask me for the recipe), aged cheeses, Rotel cheese dip with apple or jicama spears. Yum, enjoy!

Trentadue Zinfandel: Wow! When I looked up this wine on Google, I was amazed to find the same vineyard makes another favorite of mine, La Storia, which we also carry. What can I say? Zinfandel is my gateway wine to great taste. Trentadue is deep, in a wine sort of way, with a mouth punch of wild berries, dark cherries and plums. Woohoo! It will open the gate to a good time.

Stolpman La Cuadrilla: The wine named after the practice of encouraging proactive farming and decision making. The full-time crew at Stolpman Vineyards gets a block of vineyard to work and create a perfect blend of man hours and wine. La Cuadrilla is a blend of 68% Syrah; 20% Grenache; 6% Petite Sirah; and 6% Sangiovese.

This year’s wine bursts with deep, dark Syrah aroma lifted with pure red berry Grenache notes. Sangiovese & Petite Sirah both lend a solid tannic backbone. Your mouth dances with complexity, baking spice and leather – you will love it! 

Beran Zinfandel: “Zin”, wine drinker talk for Zinfandel, is a unique beast among grape varietals, it ages with power. Zinfandel vines just keep getting better decade after decade. Beran is a beautiful mix of young and old vines living in harmony in your glass. Look at the experience you receive drinking Joseph Wagner’s Beran. A fifth generation Napa Valley winemaker, son of the founder of illustrious Caymus wine. Joseph Wagner started the now famous Belle Glos wines and created Meomi Piot Noir. In 2014 he formed Copper Cane Wine & Provisions and created Beran Zinfandel. Get in on the ground floor and be one of those that can say “yeah, I’ve been enjoying Beran Zin since 2015”.

Aromas of sweet, smoky, cedar vanillin enriched by cranberry, tobacco and cooked dark fruit. Flavors include red licorice, dried cherry and ripe berries appear along with a softness and slight dustiness balanced by refined tannins and spirited acidity.

“To grow zin, you almost have to be psychic, when you do it right, it’s beautiful.”
— Alan Foppiano



A to Z Pinot Noir: This delicious pinot is all about subtlety. Smooth and light, the lovely flavor is quiet and vibrant. If you love jammy wine without the heaviness of a Cabernet, this one is for you. A must try from Oregon!

 The Velvet Devil Merlot: Charles Smith is a genius winemaker, and this merlot is a true testament to that. This wine has a smoky-sweet composition, medium body, and a smooth finish…the name really says it all.

Fantini Farnese Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo: A delicious Italian red, this bottle is a great way to begin exploring some of the lovely grapes from outside the States. Very easy to drink, a touch of spice with the deep-fruitiness makes this a great wine to pair with your favorite pasta recipe. Try the larger bottle, you’ll definitely want another glass. 

Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc: If you were ever stranded on a deserted island, a bottle of Nobilo and a long book is all you would need. Light, crisp, fruity, the perfect summertime wine from New Zealand. 

Zestos Malvar: I had never heard of the Malvar grape before trying this, but I’m so glad I did. Old vines in Madrid produce an organically grown, fruity grape that creates an awesome, medium bodied white with just enough sweetness for everyone to enjoy. 

Santa Cristina Pinot Grigio: My wine pick list wouldn’t be complete without a good Italian Pinot Grigio, as this is where my venture into wine tasting began. It was difficult to pick just one, but this particular bottle has a really lovely bouquet and the right amount of acidity to be refreshing without being too tart. Another fantastic choice for this hot summer.



Jean-Luc Colombo Cape Bleue Rose: Soft, delicate pink color. Subtle hints of peach, rose petal and pepper on the nose. Subtle, round and full of finesse. Surprisingly complex, with intriguing notes of raspberries, fresh cherry, black olive and fennel.  Enjoy on its own or with a wide range of appetizers, fish, poultry dishes and vegetarian fare. Men, if you really want to dazzle your lady, pair this rose with a fajita chicken casserole, complimented with a mango salsa splashed with Jane St. Pineapple Jalapeno Vodka Soda.
Ciacci Piccolomini d’ Arogona Toscana: Ruby red. Fruity, lightly herbal and enriched by hints of spices. This is ready for drinking, full bodied, quite soft and balanced. Food pairings: this is a very versatile wine and can match all courses of a meal, especially meat-based courses, salami and cheese. My particular favorite is juicy median rare T-bone steak followed by savoring a sip of Toscana. Look out stomach!!

Old Soul Red: This wine is a wonderful wine good for any special occasion like a Friday or Saturday night. The first thing to notice is that this is bottled by the Oak Ridge Winery, Oak Ridge is the oldest operating winery in Lodi and owns some of the oldest vines in the state. When enjoying this smoke flavored red, take notice of the slight difference made by the Vinturi with the taste of this blend with Zinfandel 88%, Syrah 10%, and 2% Merlot. This particular blend has won a gold medal in California tastings, and in my opinion was well deserved.

Apothic White: A delicate blend of smooth Chardonnay, aromatic Riesling and luscious Moscato. It’s highly scented and has a lot going on – exotic vanilla, candied peaches, pineapple chunks, melon, white raisins, honey and floral notes. The palate is laden with sweet fruit-cup, vanilla and honey flavors but there’s some decent acidity on the finish to help clean up. Made for spicy dishes or fruit desserts. 

Trapiche Oak Cast Malbec: It has an intense red color with violet hints. The wine displays sweet aromas of blackberry and plum with a touch of black pepper, an elegant touch of smoke and vanilla comes from the oak aging. There is a velvety texture, soft tannins and long finish. Trapiche offers a wine for occasion and every palate.

Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc: In the Marlborough hills in New Zealand, the grapes are harvested in the cool of the night to preserve the vibrant fruit flavors. Fresh and crisp with zesty flavors of ripe tropical fruits, especially passionfruit and pineapple. The wine has flinty minerality, juicy acidity, and a generous finish.

Candace #1


Montes Cherub Rose’: It is a distinctive dry rose’ in both taste and color and exemplifies Syrah. You will notice a brilliant fruity finish while pairing with a good barbecued tempeh sandwich; bell peppers, caramelized onions, coleslaw on top of a toasted Hawaiian bun.

Poema Cava Extra Dry: This is a wonderful sparkling wine with enticing flavor that is inescapable. This wine pairs well with baked brie topped with almonds and honey. Spread the brie on green apple and pear slices for an appetizer that complements so well. You will be saying “Oh so delicioso!”

Writers Block Roussanne: OMG, this s unlike any white wine that I have ever enjoyed. However, don’t let the label fool you (Writers Block), because after a few glasses of this exuberant wine your long lost muse will suddenly materialize! This wine pairs great with a pen and paper, grilled cheese and tomato and garlic pita chips on the side.

Ferrari Carano Siena: The 2012 is a red blend of Sangiovese, Malbec, Petite Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. With aromas of toffee and Chai tea and hints of vanilla, this wine is bold yet palatably soft to the taste buds. Pairs great with bruschetta and eggplant parmesan.

Petite Petit: By the winery Michael David (85% Petite Syrah and 15% Petit Verdots). Being on this short list of wines to choose, I would have to say this one comes in second place on my choice of red wines, yet could have easily tied for first with Siena. It has a ‘fierce’ temperament that packs a fruity punch and pleasantly remains. Pair this lovely wine with some stuffed roasted portabella mushrooms and butternut squash soup.

Layer Cake Shiraz: It is from South Australia has pleasant layers of dark fruit with dark chocolate and hints of pepper that makes this wine smooth yet bold and elegant. This wine would complement spinach, goat cheese and garlic pizza.